I love DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Comedy. The spontaneous ridiculousness is a joy to be a part of and really captures the pure essence of comedy. Space + Mic = Comedy. Truly an equation for greatness.

Aug 8, 2021 will hold a special place in my DYI heart though, because my friends Brian BBQ and Ham Clancy created a completely random comedy festival that started at a rest stop along the highway, and ended in their backyard with awards and podcasting and general merriment.

The excitement of guerilla comedy and just sort of springing a show on people will never really get old. There weren’t too many off us in the core, but every single car that drove through that day had to ask themselves… “is that comedy show at a rest stop?!”

As a comedian, you get used to trying to keep people’s attention and be heard, but it was a glorious challenge to put on a good set to noisy Sunday traffic. The show itself was more special, because we’d all never seen that stop filled up in all our combined years, yet on this day, it was backed up out the exit with New York and New Jersey license plates.

Back at Ham and BBQ’s house, the Vibeyard, we celebrated a job well done while watching two more comedians who had shown up to perform right as we were closing up shop. I’ll be posting some of the fun after party festival stuff here soon enough. There was some improvised horror and an unauthorized podcast or two.

Until then, take this short reflection as permission to take your weird visions seriously. Nurse a few less traditional, even odd aspirations. You get one life to fill with weird and joyful experiences. I like to fill mine with DIY comedy and doing comedy at rest stop picnic areas apparently. Maybe you can hum Hamilton to meercats at the aquarium. Be weird. Have fun.