About Me, Ed Richters

Writer, Comedian, Actor, Human

After being a CPA for 12+ years I decided it was high time to hold myself accountable for my own ambitions and took a hard turn into the artist’s life. I regularly perform standup and improv comedy and am currently an artist instructor of creative writing and theater at an arts high school in CT. I want to work with you on whatever crazy idea you’ve got!

I’ve been writing, performing, and producing comedy since 2015. My troupe History of the Future wrote and produced three unique sketch comedy shows, and my improv team Robot Love is a house team at the Sea Tea Comedy Theater in Hartford, CT. Robot Love can also brag that we never gave up rehearing during the pandemic, we just embraced the devil… I mean Zoom. You can also find me performing Stand-up comedy around CT, especially doing DIY comedy shows. Check out my calendar!

Things I Do (And Can Do For You)

Freelance Writer/Author

Artist Instructor (Writing/Theater/Comedy)


Comedian (Improv/Standup/Sketch)

Host / Master of Ceremonies