It is very early, and I am awakened by my various body pains. As I scroll the social media to see what the whine is. Everyone is either very happy with or very upset by Lil Nas X. Full disclosure, I actually don’t know much about this artist and have not consumed much of his works. That does not, however, mean I have not seen this man in the nude doing some really out there stuff.

If you are not familiar, Lil’s aesthetic I think I can confidently be described as “I’m Black, I’m Gay, Fuck You!” Not necessarily in that order. He is being celebrated all over for sending a vibe that says less of “you can’t touch me”, and more of “you WON’T touch me”. The kind of vibe that says that attempts at homophobia will likely leave you beat up and emasculated, not the other way around. I love it.

In addition to his fierce aura, I must admit Lil Nas X is also savagely hilarious. From what I have seen of his music videos, they are each developed to needle homophobes with pin point precision. It is an artform I hope he continues. Nothing tickles my sense of cosmic schadenfreude more than things like beefy gay guys proving they are sixty times the ‘men’ than the people trying to ‘defend’ masculinity and machismo.

It’s late, and I’m tired, but it brings me comfort to know that somewhere at this very moment there is some unfortunate incel twit who also can’t sleep. Only, instead of it being related to food choices and body pain, it’s because they are afraid that at any moment they will fall asleep and come face to face with Lil Nas X dominating the devil…. and worried that they might just like it.