The Bermuda Triangle Triangulation Institute has but one Mission and that is to uncover The secrets as well as to conceal the Bermuda Triangle from the public as there has been a Mass suspicion regarding The Bermuda Triangle being a wormhole. People in Florida have reported of the Triangle being a party or smurf beacon because the triangle fully expands in the night and a blue moon rests over it. Sailors from Puerto Rico who have made strong claims to have actually been inside the Bermuda triangle have exclaimed that it led into a mirrored society, one that mirrors qualities of one or many dreams essentially making dreams reality. These are all dangerous because we are not certain when or what the sloping point of the triangle will bring to our world. For all society cares a dangerously extraterrestrial species could be manifesting among it. Last but not least, the Island of bermuda has been collecting as much water as possible from the ocean and using it for tests for anything beyond a planetary threat.



Do you enjoy swimming in the ocean? Is your family planning a cruise to Bermuda? If you ever want to see your family in this universe again. I would listen to this. The government has been lying to us; withholding the truth like it always does; but this time we figured it out. We figured out a secret on the Bermuda triangle that no one else will tell you. What they will tell you is that going close to the Bermuda triangle is dangerous. That people go missing. What they don’t tell you is why. Why do things suddenly go missing? They want you to believe that people are what, just drowning? That’s not the case. What is really happening is a wormhole. That’s right; there is a wormhole under the Bermuda triangle. When people go missing, they are being sucked through it. You may be thinking what is behind the wormhole? Well it’s none other than the multiverse! People, ships, everything that goes missing is still there and still alive. They just aren’t here. They are in a whole other universe. Now the only way to know what is in this universe is to go through it, but the government is causing fear. The uncovering of the wormhole only leaves us more questions. What truly is the multiverse? Does the other universe also have a “Bermuda triangle” they are afraid of? Do they know about this wormhole? The only way to know… is to take that trip.