The Richters Rant (A Blog)


You could counter that point, but you’d have to convince me why burning a CVS is an offence worthy of summary execution.

Book Review: After The Fall

It is rather alarming to see any logical connections made between my having too many t-shirts in the 90’s and Hong Kong protesters getting swept aside in 2019.

Book Review: Caste

I thought I’d likely already heard everything this book was trying to say in some form. I was flatly wrong.

Lil Nas X Gonna Give It To Us

Nothing tickles my sense of cosmic schadenfreude more than things like beefy gay guys proving they are sixty times the ‘men’ than the people trying to ‘defend’ masculinity and machismo.

I am A .09% er, And Damn Proud

See, you know the 3%ers, they we the ones who ACTUALLY fought back against the English while everyone else cheerleeded from the sidelines. That’s you now. Good for you for doing the bare minimum.

ME! On the other hand, I’m part of the elite .09%.


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