So, there we have it.  Another data point in the bin of America is dead.  Maybe not ‘America’, but the idea that we’re in any way governed by the US constitution is a big joke.  If we cannot convict a president of a coup because they managed to leave power ‘legally’ before the trial and we cannot convict a person with a gun who crossed state lines and caused the only fatalities in what was labeled a ‘violent protest’, then surely we do not have a country left.  At least not one governed by our federalist constitution.

A Wisconsin court of law today, 11/19/21, acquitted someone who crossed state lines with the intent to confront protestors.  It doesn’t matter that those ‘violent protesters’ were protesting against the VIOLENCE THAT HAS BEEN HISTORICALLY BEEN VISITED ON THEIR COMMUNITIES BY THE AUTHORITIES.  They were angry protesters, who got angrier when other people decided to counter protest a protest against murder and brutality, and they were shot for their trouble.  And now the shooter is free and being coddled by the judge and legal system.

This is ironic, because the same legal system DID NOT GIVE A SHIT when Rittenhouse ran past after killing two people.  So the signal could not be more clear.  Conservative vigilantes are heroes, and those protesting against violence, or otherwise expressing the wrath of being forever targets of violence by the very system meant to protect them, are expendable annoyances with no rights whatsoever.  Just leave’em on the street until our boys can get the hell out of there right?!

My whole political life has been listening to a conservative political machine make me out to be a weak and dangerous snowflake, yet somehow the only people who can’t keep their composure are these people with guns scared of liberals and lefties.  You could counter that point, but you’d have to convince me why burning a CVS is an offence worthy of summary execution.

And finally, why is it ok to cross state lines to supposedly protect a private business you have no part in?  Funny how the asshole from out of state directly interjecting themselves into someone else’s pain and trauma caused more pain and trauma, right?  He should have been convicted for that alone.  If he wasn’t there, this never would have happened, and since he was the only one to shoot someone, maybe there should be some consequences and soul searching.

But no.  Kyle Rittenhouse is a right wing hero being offered no less than government internships in our highest institutions.  It’s not even a tragic accident to the right wing media sphere.  It’s a celebration that the counter revolution was able to shoot some of these rebel upstarts and get away with it. If you break it down, the conclusion we are left with is this:  Does the left further radicalize to protect itself and democracy from a provably authoritarian and white supremacist Republican party, or does it just concede that only one group of people is allowed to express anger and violence free of significant legal or social consequences?

The national guard wasn’t there to protect Rittenhouse, it was there to prevent the first shots of a civil war that the right is already fighting with live ammunition.  You can whine that the acquittal came due to many faults in the trial or prosecution, but the broad exultation of Kyle Rittenhouse as a right wing hero after shooting people and openly cavorting with white supremacists is confirmation enough that we all don’t exist in the same country.

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