GOP Stands Firm At Cannae

<Rant> The above article explains how a group of Republican Congresspersons decided to bend themselves over backwards in order to justify NOT awarding capitol police with awards for defending the capitol building. The self styled pro-police, law and order party seems to enjoy the Orwellian task of justifying their support for police in general while denying any true accounting of one of the largest mass assaults on police and democracy in our nation’s history. Some Romans at the Battle of Cannae buried their heads in the sand to suffocate rather than helplessly await their impending doom, some in the GOP are burying their heads in the sand because they can’t stand to hear people complaining about the leadership failures that got them into this position. “It’s not an insurrection, it was just a bunch of loud people wanting to hang the vice president,” they seem to say.

No one is holding the line at Cannae more than Senator Ron Johnson. Senator RoJo has referred to the the whole event as a “largely peaceful protest”. Right behind him in the House is Rep. Andrew Clyde making such brave pronouncements as describing January 6, 2021 as “a normal tourist visit.” He fails to mention the as yet uninvestigated claims that GOP reps let ‘tourists’ in to basically do recon for the riot, despite tours being banned due to COVID. Claims the GOP continue to vote against investigating, because it might further elucidate their own complicity, intentional or otherwise. These two and their disingenuous collogues make it seem like a few cops dying at the hands of massively misinformed/uniformed morons is just par for the political discourse.

The Romans thought they had the upper hand and pushed forward too far before seeing Hannibal’s trap, and it cost them everything. May the crowded legions in front of these GOP clowns part just in time that they can see clearly, if only for one moment, the utter ruin they are wreaking on their own party and the US body politic as a whole before they meet their own ignominious end at the ballot boxes.

Next post, ‘Democrats Embrace Fabian Tactics’. I say this sarcastically, but as I write it, that doesn’t sound like a bad idea!


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