Bye Bye BiBi


I don’t pretend to be an expert on Israeli politics, but I know enough to know it’s complicated. The complexity of it all makes it that much more entertaining and satisfying to know that clashing factions all got together and decided to bond over one big thing, the doctrine of ‘F$#@ This Guy.”

Yes they’ve agreed to do some amazing things in addition to sharing power, such as creating a budget and sticking together like matches in a fresh matchbook with the understanding that BiBi Netanyahu is trying to rip just one member away in order to light the whole pack on fire.

If the new coalition can pull it off for any amount of time I believe it will be to the benefit of everyone involved in the long run. Here’s hoping the local political arsonist doesn’t get ahold of the flames again and that those that snuffed out the fire work to keep it out…. without lighting any new fires of course.


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